Saturday, September 08, 2012

I am back on the exam front, which means lots of essays and reading about insurance and the financial services when I am not at work reading and writing about insurance and the financial services.

It will be worth it in the long run (2 and a half more years and I can put a few more letters after my name that will mean little to anyone).

A big help has been the downloading of Spotify - seriously, it is lifechanging, almost any song I can think of at a click of a button and many more besides, and lots of oddities that are impossible to get on CD any more.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

One of the many good things about having an 18 month old son is that I can watch cartoons in the morning with him.

This morning we both watched with amusement as, of all people, Mr Bump was asked to assist Little Miss Perfect with the changing of a lightbulb over a basement staircase. Much hilarity ensued.

Channel 5 has cornered the best of the new childrens television, so is now my staple breakfast viewing.

Monday, May 21, 2012

On another note, Han has finally been given a new laptop for ICE so she no longer has to cart ours around the schools.

This means (Han has mentioned this as a joke, and it hasn't happened yet), that we could be in the same room, both on our own laptops, talking to each other on Messenger. I think the old sketch was David & Victoria Beckham from Alistair MacGowan.

I annoyed Han yesterday evening when she realised that I had left my button fly jeans open through the day (if I am staying in they are too much hassle to keep fiddling with every time I need the toilet) - except we had had people round for Sunday lunch, I thought it was funny, Han thought it was unacceptable behaviour. We shall see next weekend.

A client came into the office for a meeting this morning, and while signing in mentioned (moaned) that last time he came in for a meeting he ended up with a parking ticket. I would agree that the office is not ideally placed, with no parking of its own, but that there are ample car parks around the town.

Anyway, in passing our receptionist asked him where he had parked today. He replied "oh, I've just chanced it on the double yellows outside". If he complains again next time, there will be no sympathy from me.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Highlights of a weekend in Cornwall - seeing a Peregrine Falcon kill a bird, then land with it right outside our kitchen window, Oliver feeding carrots to horses and screaming with laughter when my dad's dogs licked his face.

This is the first of two consecutive Saturdays where I am watching Ollie all day on my own. Today Han has been in Bristol but babysitting has been easy as the weather has allowed lots of garden play. A set of clothes ready for the wash following water and mud fighting, but I am sure this is where Han will want to step in and assist. Next week she is at the Devon County Show, and I would like to go along with Ollie if I can get a free ticket somewhere, otherwise we will hope the weather holds so another garden play day can be arranged.

I noticed that it is the final of Britains Got Talent tonight, and am pleased that we don't know anyone in it, and for once have more or less avoided the whole of a reality series.

I am meant to be cooking for Han (due back at 8). Quick call to Domino's should suffice I think.

Friday, May 04, 2012

We are going to Cornwall for the weekend, which sadly means that we will miss watching the Great West Run for the first time in a few years, but on weighing things up we thought Cornwall was probably more fun.

I have made a marble cheesecake and rocky road to take with us, which look good but we will have to wait and find out, as appearances can be deceiving.

Were it not for the Hairy Bikers, the Apprentice and the Mentalist, I think we could just about get rid of the TV. Absolute rubbish this week, and I have read that another series of Celebrity Big Brother is in the offing which is not going to help things at all. Oh well, at least the Mentalist is on tonight.

Tuesday, May 01, 2012

I was in Morrison's a few weeks ago in the toiletries aisle, when a man strolled up to the deodorants, lifted his t-shirt, used some then put it back on the shelf. It was very unexpected and slightly annoyed me..

Anyway, I thought I had seen it all in terms of pikeyism, when in Boots this week somebody picked up a bottle of drink from the meal deal section, cracked it open and had a bit, then put the lid on, put it back on the shelf and strolled out. All in front of staff who I think weren't exactly sure what to do. Unbelievable.

If we want a free drink halfway round town we normally stop in at Whittards.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

While it has stopped raining this morning for what feels like the first time since last weekend, it still looks threatening. We are going round town later on a double date shopping trip with the Barrons, Han is out this morning, Ollie is asleep. I was meant to be re-doing the grouting around the shower but cannot find the necessary equipment so am relaxing in front of the snooker (is there anything else you can do in front of the snooker than relax).

We have 3 large oranges left, which I needed for a pudding I cooked for the Padfields a couple of weeks back. Now I need a new recipe which requires them, as otherwise they will end up in the bin. Google search coming up (aside - at work our new computers have bing as the default search, and admin controlled everyone out of being able to change it back - bing is rubbish).